SINCE 1965

Obres Cantallops, s.l., located in the town of Cantallops and dedicated to construction, was founded in 1965 by Andrés Navarrete Pascual.

In 1991, the company changed from a sole-trader to become a limited company. This was due to generational change when his children, Eloi and Lourdes Navarrete Peix, joined him and who now manage the company.

Since its beginnings, our activity has been focused on the construction of all types of housing, as well as having extensive experience in the renovation of rustic spaces.

Being a family business allows us to have a closer relationship with the client, which is why some of our clients have been with us for more than forty years. We have a stable workforce, which helps us maintain the quality of our work.

Our vision and objectives have always been to maintain quality, safety and professionalism in accordance with the demands of our clients, adapting ourselves to the latest innovations and construction systems, satisfying the needs of the market.

Good proof of our commitment to the latest innovations can be seen in our most recent decision to create a high-quality line of micro-cement, THORAX Microciments, for facings and floorings of the highest quality.